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Colour Miao is a filmmaker, a creator, and a cookie monster lives in Los Angeles, California.

Set photo from  Shattering  / Photo by Xiwen Zhang

Set photo from Shattering / Photo by Xiwen Zhang


Colour Miao

Hi there! This is Keyan Miao, and I go by Colour. I am a filmmaker born and raised in Nanjing City, China. Before coming to the US, I studied TV&Film Directing in Communication University of China, Nanguang College, which prompted me to pursue an education in film from New York Film Academy in Burbank, California. As a writer-director, I created a number of stories for short films. I have also directed some music videos and commercials.

My creative approach is to find points of tension behind the idea that I’m interested in. I usually come up with several different versions of the same story and end up refining the one I find most original.  

Other than the knowledge I acquired from college, I also like to learn from volunteering experiences. I had a chance to join the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2014 as a volunteer and where I got to learn teamwork. As a volunteer, I tackled my work with curiosity and enthusiasm. Teamwork can always give me more inspirations. 

Filmmaking has always been an entertaining platform for us to exchange our experiences, and for me as a filmmaker, I believe filmmaking plant my idea in the audience’s mind and heart. I’d love to share my stories with my audience by creating memorable films. 

Do or Die. And have fun is the key.






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